Thursday, March 17, 2011

It is Truly Historic Times We Live In

For years the democrats have been playing up the divide between two camps in the republican party; the "mainstream" camp that supports Bush, Next, Huckabee, and the other mainstream candidates and the Palin camp and her fringe mama-grizzly's. But now we see very public cracks in the edifice of
the democrat party!

I am putting my money on the "Clinton" (which is the people that support the Clinton's) camp pushing a candidate against the "hopey-changey" Obama campaign. It will be interesting to see the Clinton's hang the first (and only hopefully) term of POTUS around his neck, denying him the ability to use platitudes and slogans to campaign. He can say he supports liberty around the world and the Clinton's will point to Libya and say "don't think so." He can try to say that he is a person of the people and we will all be able to point to the TEA party, polls, and the state of
the world to refute his statements of love and adoration.

It is one thing for a tin-pot dictator to make such claims while standing simultaneously on the throats of the press and the lively hood population. The mainstream media can see the writing on the wall. The Obama ship is sinking, the Kennedy sedan has sunk, the unions are headed over the waterfall in a barrel made of ridiculous contracts, Soros is being exposed as the brigand he is, and the only liberal vessel that even looks sea worthy is the Clintons.

The next 6 months will determine the face of the Democrat party for the 2012 campaign.

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