Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spinal Headache

Look it up.

They suck...

I wish I were dead...

Well 24 hours ago I did.

Now go away, I am busy waiting to die or feel better.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Modern Hippy

HH-6 and I were discussing over the past week about how much the world has changed.

Take for instance the latest war... er... military action. Finally, wars for oil are now in style. I guess that means that W. was a trend setter, which you know is cool.

Of course large cars are going out of style... because POTUS said so, so that pretty much proves that .

HH-6 balked at the idea that we can now call ourselves hippies, but then we began to bat the idea back and forth and we came up with the following list as evidence
  1. We believe the words "I'm from the government and I'm here to help," are cause for alarm
  2. We share a goal of one day being able to grow, grind, and bake into bread our own wheat at home.
  3. We think that living a sustainable life involves our community working together, not the government telling us what to do
  4. We named one of our children after a flower
  5. We are leaning towards homeschooling our children
  6. We believe in making things from scratch at home that most people buy at the store
  7. We believe that material possessions will not bring you happiness
However, as far as I can tell that's where the similarities end.
I began to realize that although we may have a few ideas in common with the liberal oxygen thief's that emerged in the 60's, our view of the world around us is radically different.

Conservatives; not to be confused with Republicans, think that are world is what we make of it.
Not, that our world is what we make others do for us.

and I think that this post is too long already to expand past that.

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