Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am in Shape and Improving it daily.

It just so happens that that shape is round.

A friend of mine recently went through a bout with cancer. Less than a year ago he found out he had cancer, went through the most awful tortu...err treatment known to man (suffice it to say that his new nickname is NBC) and won.

Or maybe I should say that he kicked that cancer’s ass so bad his doctor's wanted to extract his essence and feed it to other cancer patients, preliminary analysis show him as a second cousin to Chuck Norris!

Before the big C NBC would run marathons backwards while dressed in drag (poorly...I knew it was him all along) just to piss off the other competitors.

Just kidding, he didn't run them backwards.

NBC he is a prime example of why the USMC has yet to be bested in open combat. Even a grunt like me is capable of learning to recognize the subtle differences between squids and Leather Necks.

So now NBC has taken it upon himself to help an overweight broke-dick train up and tackle one of the greatest examples of why soldiers shouldn’t be left with spare time on their hands.

Ladies and gentleman I present to you Tough Mudder!

The proceeds go to a great cause and any reason to get out of the city and learn to love dirt again sounds like a vacation to me.

I will keep you all... okay, no one reads this blog.

I will use the blog to keep my own training log.

Even a Army puke knows the meaning of Seper Fi.


  1. Did you mean SEMPER FI? Or was that intentional?

    Glad to see you are still alive and blogging... Not so good about the "round" part, but good luck with the mud... it actually looks... fun... but in a crazy sort of way.

  2. Spockgirl,
    Thanks for pointing out the error. Just another reminder of my first blog post. It opened with "I already know how bad I fail"

    Thankfully round is not too round yet... I can still fly coach comfortably.


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