Monday, February 28, 2011

Continuing Resolutions and the Government Workforce

a first-person View

Believe if or not this blog has not been abandoned... permanently.

As I noted before I am a federal employee and I am facing the prospect of a furlough. Two things:
1. Nothing I do will change anything, so I might as well not let it get to me.
2. As a taxpayer I would prefer that congress gets a full year budget passed (with those spending cuts) instead of the continuing resolution.

I don't see why it is so outrageous that the government, like any other business, can shut down.
Maybe the problem is that most people do not view the government as a business, well it is.
It has revenue and expenses. It creates products and has customers. Shoot, it even has stock holders, bond holders, creditors, and employees.

The risk of going to work for any business that is failing is that you could be out of a job.

Not only that, what in the budget is so sacred that it can’t handle downsizing? I think DoD comes closest to that.

In the end, I would rather lose pay than continue to sink further into debt.

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  1. I just randomly came across your blog. its good... hope you continue to post.
    govt spending is out of control, no doubt. hope things work out ok for you...
    and thanks for serving.


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