Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to About Face.

This is my first blog so please stick with me and offer constructive criticism: I already know how bad I fail.

A Little About Me.

I joined the Army pre- 9-11 as an Infantryman and got Fort Hood put in my contract, which ensured that I would be heavy Infantry; either mechanized (11M) or mortars (11C). I got lucky and became a Mike. I am a Mike, not a Bravo, regardless of what the Army says.
I have been to GTMO (02) and Iraq (03-04) as a member of C co 1/22 Inf. 1st BDE, 4th ID.
I did just over 4 years and then got out. I went to school and graduated with honors and a BA in Accounting.
I now work for a large and largely unknown DoD agency, which I will likely not blog about; because I like getting paychecks. Outside of speaking directly of my work I will blog about anything.
I welcome constructive criticism (see above), and generally any help I can get.

A Blog is The Press.

I believe in the Constitution. I believe that the Constitution was put in place to contain the federal government. Don't get me wrong, the federal government is not evil, but I have a right to say what I don't like about it.
I believe that the first amendment gives you the right to speak, but does not require an intelligence test. Nor does it protect you from being hurt, hearing and seeing things you don't want to, or being disagreed with.
I believe that you can argue with someone’s ideas and statements without it being personal.
I believe that questioning someone’s faith, regardless of what kind of faith, is a good thing. If I cannot logically support my position, yet have faith anyways (read: religion, science, politics), the least I can do is admit that I am being illogical; very different from un-reasonable, and that the opposition has a point.
I believe in poking holes in people arguments, especially when they utilize fallacy in conversation and argument.
Oh, yeah, I believe Wikipedia is a perfectly fine source to start research and understanding, but not necessarily the final word.

Okay, that's enough rambling. I hope that my readers will get to know me and the other contributors as we go along.

Next Post: why you should read this blog!

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