Friday, April 6, 2012

Forget your Grand-daddy's deer rifle and get your self a ...Deer Carbine?

I am starting out as a hunter.  A novice. A noob.
Hopefully, I will go on my first deer hunt where I am the hunter later this year.

A few months ago I was able to convince HH6 that the TO&E was deficient in the equipment section if I had indeed been given the task of securing dinner.  As such she instructed me to put together a plan and estimate the cost to fulfill my assigned duties.

When I began to price gear and arms suitable to take medium size game cleanly, I began to realize something.  I began to realize that the US Army had spoiled me. I mean have you seen how much an ACOG costs? let alone ammo?

So, I figured that the only way HH6 would allow me to redirect funds from mortgage payments to my own personal arsenal of democracy was to try and expand the tasks that my desired death stick would cover.

I said to my self, why do I NEED a different rifle for fighting the zombie horde, beating back the read coats, and harvesting uncured  Bambi jerky?  why don't I just get ONE rifle that could cover all of those bases?  So, that began my analysis of the non-conventional hunting rifles.

 Okay I wanted at evil black tacticool death widget, in 7.62 NATO no less.

So, after narrowing down my selection between the three beauties I decided that I should get a second opinion on the matter in case my idea was less than stellar.

So I talked to my close buddy (an actual experienced hunter) about my desire to use an "assault rifle" (complete with a "the shoulder thing that goes up") on white tails told me that my semi-automatic Texas type-writer would violate the magazine size restrictions, well lucky for me TPWD respects my right to defend myself against the random stampede of wild animals.

Alas, one cannot live under a rifle.

So after HH6 stopped beating me about the head with our budget we decided that we should adjust our sights a bit lower and purchase a rifle with less than three digits in succession of the first.
which lead us to a Remington 700SPS old army death guage (7.62 X 51) okay, .308 Winchester.

But! following the great American tradition, I bought the cheapest piece of glass that I thought wold hold a zero.

The first time at the range, I was making ragged holes at 100yrds, and fliers were kept within 2-3", confirming that the rifle is more accurate than I am.

Now, if only I could figure out how to feed this new mouth.

Be safe and God speed.

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