Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back From the Dead to Dance on his Grave

I just heard the greatest news I could expect to hear with the current POTUS.

I gotta hand it to the current administration, they have completed something that G.W. left hanging, but not in the same way as Saddam...lols

I am going to beat Glenn Reynolds to the punch....
The Republicans told me that if I voted for them the government would chase Bin Laden to hell or Pakistan to get him... and they were right!

I have been feeling better, for all three people out there that care. But until tonight, I haven't quite felt 100%. Now I can say that this little gem really put me over the top.

So, THANK YOU, United States Air Force or United States SPECOPS Command. You have made this Bureaucrat's decade.

-and hey, what a way to start the new decade.

---Update, +5 min.
10:35: POTUS is speaking....
10:37: he is speaking from a teleprompter; he just flubbed a word. -1 it's not more because it is what we expect.
10:38: POTUS is taking full credit for the kill (away from Bush that is) -4, it's what we expect, but its still a dick-head move. I mean, it's his job to hunt down that demon.
10:39: POTUS personally authorized the mission. That is a +5 to his Presidency
10:42: POTUS thanked the trigger pullers after he made sure everyone knows he told them to do it. -5, because having been the blood, sweat, and tears I know that DC is far removed from the pointy end of the spear.
10:44: POTUS said under God. I will give another +1 for that.

Total: -4... that's not bad for a short Presidential speech...but this should have been a simple:
we kick ass and take names.
don't fuck with the USA
way to go team.
Good night America.

Not a free campaign ad. But hey, thats just my opinion.

--Update 2.
They said if I voted for a Republican we would be executing non-US citizens with out a trial, in foreign countries... and they were right!
-Sorry Prof. Reynolds, I did it again.

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